Emerging from the depths of my early morning communion with the Silence, this Artist Manifesto emerged as sort of a bullet pointed short list of what has occurred over the last eighteen months.  With conviction it seems that Spirit is dictating so that I have some realization of my task that is coming although unknown to me right now.

A Manifesto From My Altered States

As I have evolved into the state of BE-ing-ness, called “Artist” it has been a divine awakening that could not have been explained or expected.  Words have been my quill and when required, my weapon of choice.  Now through Infinite intervention joy and awe have entered my life.  Literal, “ Where did that come from?” moments. With each painting I enter, The Zone of the Imperceptible in total peace, A 360 degree circumference. If there is one thing to be said with certainty and impunity  it is….


My Art Heals Me


Cleanses Me. Art is my spiritual hygiene that allows to me to purge the filth and cleanse the energetic flow between my Self and the Creator. I can feel God as vibrant and Real.  I can feel the unity of the God, I AM.

Influences Me.  Art influences me to have a full sensory life with the textures and rhythms of our society, of relationships, of exuberance or Light or Shadows. Whether I am experiencing art or creating it. Through art my life is now multi-dimensional, multi-national and multiple hues of emotions and humanity. Art gives me a voice through which I express.

Loves Me.  Art accepts who I AM in each breath.  Art receives my humanity as Divine. Art receives my humanity as magnificence.

Activates Me.  Art is dynamic metamorphosis.  Art unlocks a place in our collective soul, my spiritual essence integrates the lessons of our soul.  Through my Art I enter into the Unity of our destiny.

Tolerates Me. Art tolerates all.  It understands and honors what I see, what I think, what I feel and gifts me tolerance, patience and wholeness as I step into the world.

Redefines Me.  Art redefines the way I talk taking old labels and burying them with the dogmas of my mis-understandings. Art allows me to understand and experience that creative force labeled “God” is far more than my five or even six senses can perceive. Art allows me to relax. I’m okay knowing that this Eternal Infinite is beyond my ability to describe. The unknown is the known and the known is the knowing. Or something like that.

Respects Me. Art respects my humanity.  Silently, quietly as my humanity acquires understanding and experiencing art brings me into Knowing.  Knowing God, Knowing the Eternal Infinite, Knowing Infinite Creator and Knowing the Divine Source Energy. The BE-ing-ness, The Silence and The Way. Sometimes experience is just a necessary step. Art moves me through to experience.

Opens Me.  Art accesses gateways to the Infinite Wisdom, Unified Consciousness and Infinite Creation; therefore I Know that as I enter in the Zone of the Imperceptible, my genesis my beginning in each breath is this Infinite manifested as my genius. This Genius is life expressed. Art makes the intangible Divine vibrant and real. The gateways are open and the pathways are clear.

My art answers the questions of my soul. Expands me into that which I have no knowledge.

Messages of The Infinite. The Lessons of The Infinite. The Energy of the Infinite.